This One Mindset Shift Will Drastically Improve Inbound Insurance Sales

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Nov 20, 2022

There is one concept, one mental model, that, if implemented and practiced, will drastically improve inbound insurance sales:

Detach from the outcome.

If you do not detach from the outcome of inbound leads, you waste more time, create more frustration and ultimately sell far less business than you otherwise should.

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What does detaching from the outcome mean?

Forget about the sale.

You can’t control the sale.

You can only control attitude and process.

By approaching every inbound lead with a confident, positive attitude and steadfast commitment to your process you are able to detach from the outcome of each lead.

This in turn allows inbound leads to self-select out of your sales process if they’re unwilling (or unfit) to be your client.

Stop chasing inbound leads and watch your satisfaction and ultimately your inbound sales success soar.

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  • SIAA - With over $10.8 Billion in total written premium, SIAA is the #1 alliance of independent insurance agencies – powered by 48 regional Master Agencies across the United States.

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