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This applies to wives and husbands. The decisions we make impacts our entire family and our HEALTH.

Thank you for the reminder to keep focused on what’s most important, Ryan. Grateful for both your friendship & honesty.

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This article made think about Breaking Bad. Isn’t this the core emotional journey for Walter White that makes him relatable, even when he’s the villain? The whole time he’s pursuing his “side hustle”, he keeps tell himself that it’s for his family... You’re not Walter White by any stretch. It was just a connecting thought. There’s something deeply human about convincing ourselves that we are doing something for altruistic reasons to cover up the pursuit of our own ego.

Sounds like you’ve had a hell of a year. I appreciate you sharing it. More importantly, I hope you find what you’re looking for on the other end.

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I've been married 43 years now, just brought her home flowers on Wed...the little things matter most to your spouse. A note here. Bouquet of flowers there. Taking her out for an ice cream. A slow walk in the park. Doesn't take much...thanks for the reminder, Ryan!

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