…or The F@ck Around Method.
An Anti-Inflammatory Diet Story
11 Personality Characteristics to Cultivate Trust Every Day

February 2023

3 simple steps to overcome distraction, align with nature and find more rare moments of brilliance.
5 Conversion Rate Killing Inbound Lead MistakesWatch now (20 min) | ...and what you should be doing instead.
I take a cold shower every morning. In truth, I take a regular hot shower for seven to ten minutes. Then I turn the shower as cold as possible for two…
[FULL KEYNOTE] How to Close 89% of Inbound LeadsWatch now (56 min) | Watch the full keynote from One City World Tour event in Austin, TX.
...the easy way.
A short story about that time I throat-punched a 5th grader...

January 2023

A Simple Way to Add Value During the Sales ProcessWatch now (22 min) | ...or how to close more inbound insurance leads.
...or how to defeat the Sunk Cost Effect.
...or how to answer the question, “Am I certain this is the right move?”